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Forerunner of Powershovel, Basscult project started from outside Tokyo with a concept “Visual&Beat”

  1996   Started Basscult website snd introducing Russian camera,Lomography and Chinese camera Holga.

main contents of Basscult website became toy cameras.

  1998   Moved our foothold in Shibuya and Roppongi Tokyo Japan
  Participating photo exhibition called “MinatoMirai21 photo Wall” had held around Tokyo sponsored by Minatomirai21.
“TokyoLomoHeads in viena” had held in Austria.
“TokyoLomoHeads” had held in Laforet Harajuku Tokyo.
  2000   a Company PowerShovel Ltd. established in November with office in Jinnan Shibuya. In the same year “minatomirai21 photo Wall2” held in Minatomirai21.
Started project of using whole building of ruined hotel “Surugadai Hotel Project”, the Photographs and film’s amusement Building.
Toy camera products have become widely retailed in all over Japan including major museum shops.
  2001   a film exhibition called “CameraValeTudo” held in Laforet Harajuku Tokyo.
  2002   a film”HeadzModels” was shown. a travelling camera event “Magical Camera Tour” has started.
Started selling BabyHolga, Polga and Tokyo Matryoshika.
  2003   Compound Photo Exhibition”Art of Toy camera” held in Ebisu Tokyo Started selling Babylon4 and Nya-nya-Holga.

City excrusion exhibition”YebisuPhotographicWeek” held in Ebisu Tokyo
Moved office to Daikanyama Tokyo
Cult camera shop”CameraCabaretGrandShop” has opened in Shinuya Tokyo.
Started selling renewal series of Holga

  2005   Started its own laboratorial labels PowerShovelBooks and PowerShoveAudio for books and CDs.
  2006   Published 2 illustration books”Drawings” at the time.
Published collection of photography “Farewell Photographs” taken by the Japanese legendary Photographer Daido Moriyama.
Started selling Book Camera
  2007   Published “Kagero&colors” Daido Moriyama’s unreleased photographs taken in 70’s
Original toy camera Golden Half has been on sale