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PowerShovel, Ltd. was born out of our passion for photography and music. Our business first originated from producing and distributing analogue cameras. The business soon branched out into publishing books and CDs from its own laboratorial labels called PowerShovelBooks and PowerShovelAudio. What first started as my interest in “photo” and “sound” blended with my thoughts about “communication” and “individualism”, which created a mixture in which I am not able to tell anymore whether this is my job or whether this is an enterprise. Time just passes by, but all I wish for now is to have a life in which everything that was fun and delightful will be packed in one CD like a best album.
It may not seem like a great vision, but the ideal of Power Shovel is to have today in laughter and in delight.


Hideki Oomori (PowerShovel,Ltd. / SuperHeadz.Tokyo)